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Happy blog season to you all! We are close to the end of 2017, but for us, it’s just a number and we’ve been plowing on with new developments for Skyfront VR.
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A lot of work has been done recently to bring new features to the game and we’ll list some of the major ones that we felt you had to know!


Revolver(less): lowered damage from the revolver from 100hp to 90hp for better game balance, eliminating the possibility of a headshot kill (due to the x2 modifier for a headshot).


The main Menu updated: it’s now easier to navigate the menu to quickly find the match you’re looking for.


Skyfront VR Game Hub

Skyfront VR Game Hub


“Killed by X”: when you get snapped by an opponent, the notification should now display in your direction.


Changed the “load-to-game” screen away from the center of the map, where it used to be in an object (sarcophagus!!!).


Weapon switch prompt: now every time you switch a weapon, a holographic indicator will display the location of Weapons and Abilities of the current loadout on the trackpad. You will be able to turn this feature off in the Menu, when you feel more comfortable with the controls.


Skyfront VR Weapon Prompt

Skyfront VR Weapon Prompt




Reaching into a wall with the controller would allow to shoot through it – Fixed!
Changes in loadouts wouldn’t save to game – Fixed!
Leaving the match back to the Main Menu, the pointer would disappear – Fixed!
Sometimes players weren’t able to re-join a match after the host migration – Fixed!
Automatic Rifle reload animation issues after a weapon swap – Fixed!
Changed Automatic Rifle recoil to constant instead of cumulative animation.
Fixed “Killed by…” tag visibility issue. It will now always face you as you move around.




In the near future, we are planning on implementing a User Profile, where players will be able to view their personal game stats. You will be able to check you kills, wins, deaths, damage, headshots etc. Obviously, the bragging rights are in your own hands (& head)!


Additionally, we’ve been playing around with new concepts to develop and currently we have the following confirmed:


Gatling Gun – behold!


Skyfront VR Gatling Gun Concept

Skyfront VR Gatling Gun Concept


2. Melee weapon – more information will be released soon!

3. Steam Achievements are in works!

4. Character Customization – OH-HO YES!!!!


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