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We are happy to report, that today we are releasing a Beta update build. It includes several updates and fixes, some of which we’ll expand on below.

Hello, I am Bot!

So, from the feedback gathered previously, we know there have been some players that were having issues finding a player-vs-player match. To alleviate this, we are now delivering the first iteration of a new feature – Bot Shootout!
So no matter when you join the game, you will now always have your hands full, trying to get rid of those pesky flying critters. The Bots will currently only fill the game when there are no other players in the match, so once someone else joins, you can resume to player-v-player violence.
Keep in mind, this is the first iteration. We will continuously work on making AI more intelligent with the aim of releasing a full Play Against AI game mode.

Skyfront VR bot

Skyfront VR bot

Build …2, 3, 4!

This week we will be also releasing the following updates to the game:

Level Updated! Again! – We made several updates to buildings and other models so that the game would run smoothly on highest settings even on lower spec machines. The artists added some eye candy both inside and outside the battle area for our connoisseurs. And finally, as a widely requested feature, there are now some pots you can shoot at and destroy! More on that soon!

Skyfront VR screenshot

Skyfront VR screenshot

Loadouts menu bugs – There were several issues with the Loadout menu not displaying the correct setup in-game and not saving changes made. Fixed.

Grappling Hook visual fixed – Opponents using the Grappling Hook seemed to disappear into a wall and then reappear in a different location. We fixed this bug, so now the opponents transition using the feature will be as smooth as you would use it yourself.

Leaderboard fixed – The order in which players were displayed on the leaderboard had several bugs. All fixed. We also reset the leaderboard so here’s your chance to get to the top!

Skyfront VR screenshot

Skyfront VR screenshot

Somewhere, over the rainbow…

Last week, we announced that there will be 2 new weapons developed for Early Access, namely a Shotgun and a Sniper Rifle. This week, we can officially confirm, that we have decided on the setting for the new upcoming map (drumroll please!) – Egypt!
The map will be released with Early Access launch, in the meantime keep your eyes peeled for teasers.
Another thing we have decided to tackle is the Oculus Rift controller settings. As you may already be aware, Skyfront VR was initially developed for HTC Vive. We will be working on resolving the differences between the two in terms of movement. So as some Rift owners have already suggested, we will implement a better turn radius using the controller.


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