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We now have a few weeks to go for the Early Access launch of Skyfront VR on November 10th, 2017! So to prepare, we won’t be releasing any updates to the Beta this week. Instead, we’ll introduce you to the changes that are coming for the Early Access launch.

The leaderboard is still active!

First, let us remind you that the weekly Leaderboard competition to win your FREE Skyfront VR Early Access Key is still active! So go get in there and shoot ‘em up!

Also, let’s give a round of applause (we can hear you!) for the winners of the first-ever Skyfront VR Tournament!

SkyFront VR Leaderboard

SkyFront VR Leaderboard

What’s in the Scope?
We took the feedback that you’ve provided and will do our most to pack in as much as we can for the Early Access launch. Here are some of the things that might get you tingling!

  • Region Free – with the introduction of Photon to our networking solution you will now be able to manually switch between different Regions (US, EU, APAC). You will still be automatically assigned to your closest server. However, should it be empty or you just want to play with your buddies from overseas, you now have the freedom to do so.
  • Sniper Rifle – you asked and we delivered! A lot of you guys wanted the ability to take advantage of the free space on the map and a sniper rifle is a great solution for it. Here’s a concept image of what you can expect.

Grab your gear on grandpa, we’re goin’ campin’!

SkyFront VR sniper rifle white presentation

SkyFront VR sniper rifle white presentation

  • (We’ll also have a Shotgun, shhh!)
  • 2 New Special Abilities – see if you can get more tactical with the addition of 2 new abilities
  • New map – we previously announced that the new map has a setting of Egypt. The structures are as engaging as ever and we’ve designed the action to now also take place indoors. Flying skills and maneuvering will now definitely play a more crucial part. And it goes a little something like this:
Skyfront VR map - Egypt

Skyfront VR map – Egypt

Feel like a game show host saying this, BUT! as always, be sure to check the Skyfront Discord server and Happy Hours to find your victims!

Daily Happy Hour:

EU: 7:00-9:00PM (UTC+1; London)

US: 9:00-11:00PM (EDT; New York)

APAC: 8:00-10:00PM (AEST; Sydney)


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