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We have some news for you!
First of all, we are very happy with the way the Beta tests worked out – we received a lot of valuable feedback, as well as solid confirmation that we are on the right track! We would like to personally thank everyone again that took the time to leave their input. As previously stated, the community will have a significant impact on the direction we take in developing the game. So taking it into account, we would like to announce that the Early Access release of Skyfront VR has been pushed back to October 27th 2017.

So what’s in store?

Skyfront VR

Skyfront VR

The input left by the kind Beta testers showed us a clear trend in features that you would like to see get developed ASAP. We will be taking taking this time to do just that!

What we want you to have in Early Access:

  • A new map

This development was already in works prior to the Beta and because of your feedback, we will speed it up. So keep your eyes peeled, as we’ll have more information on this soon!
This doesn’t mean that we will stop perfecting the current map, as it will also have some changes implemented.

  • 2 new weapons

You asked for it, we’re delivering!
You will soon have to be even more careful when roaming around the map, as the happy campers will be picking their prey from beyond with a Sniper Rifle!
On top of that, we’re going to add a Close Combat Shotgun for those whose aim is still developing or when those B*****’s just won’t move out the way!

  • 2 new abilities

We will keep these under wraps until the time is right.

  • Tutorial

How in the quark do you use this gun/movement thingy? Actually the question should be, why didn’t we tell you this in the first place? No more hesitation as to what works how, as we develop a tutorial for all your basic needs!.

The even good’er news!

Skyfront VR

Skyfront VR

So what about NOW? Well, we thought that we would keep the Beta open until Early Access! You can now play and test around as much as you wish. In the meantime we’ll also be releasing an update with several improvements and fixes:

  • Bot shootout (New feature!)

As some of you have experienced during the Beta, finding a match was an issue at times, especially as the community is now only starting to grow. So to counter this we are implementing bots that will keep you company until someone else arrives to the game.

– Fixed various bugs and errors in the Loadouts Menu

– Fixed an error where another player using a Grappling Hook seemed to disappear into a wall and reappear in a different location.

– Leaderboard not displaying any players bug fixed

– Upgraded character movement animations

– Numerous visual updates to the level appearance

*If you have any trouble finding other players, we strongly encourage to check in during Happy Hours. Experience has thus far shown these to be times when most players come to play the game.

Skyfront VR

Skyfront VR

Daily Happy Hour:

EU: 7:00-9:00PM (UTC+1; London)
US: 9:00-11:00PM (EDT; New York)
APAC: 8:00-10:00PM (AEST; Sydney)


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