Skyfront Full Release – How Did It Go?

So it’s been a couple weeks since launch. Let me tell you what’s been going on!

Well, to start off, wohoo! we finally launched! As far as the actual release day, everything went unexpectedly smoothly. We’d done all our worrying during the previous weeks so the studio was strangely calm on the 20th. All the emails went out as expected, everybody got their keys, the discounts were applied, etc. We did really enjoy finally seeing our game on Oculus Store! That was a huge achievement for us and had taken up the bulk of our time in the months leading up to the release date. Now only one giant remains to be conquered – PlayStation, we’re coming for you!



If you haven’t checked the full game out yet, some of the major updates we’ve added include a fourth space inspired arena called Genesis, a player progression system, unlockable customisation options and lots more. Read the full patch notes here.



As with most games, the occasional bug did still slip through the cracks during in the release build, so we’ve just posted a bug fix patch with a couple minor updates as well. The notes for that patch can be found here.


To share our excitement with new and existing players, we held a giveaway during the days leading up to and following our launch. In addition to a few keys and a Steam gidt card, the giveaway had a rather unique prize – the winner would get a custom graffiti of their name IN Skyfront. Well, the giveaway concluded and the winner was this chill dude named Jake with an awesome username Xjac0bmichaelX. You can now find his name graffitied onto a wall on our Polis arena!



Another cool opportunity we had during our launch period was working with Viveport and Museum of Future Sports. With their help, we held a three-week long Skirmish – Ready, Set, Whoosh! – with prizes that included Vive Wireless Adapters, Racing drones, Steam gift cards and Skyfront merch.


The battles during the Skirmish were crazy intense! We saw Benitsuki swoop in during the final days of the last round of the Skirmish and get an incredible 73 kills in a single Deathmatch game, taking the first place! We didn’t even think that many kills were possible! Other names on the leaderboard included our veterans SoulSurvivor and sonix, but we were also super excited to see a lot of new players land in the TOP3 spots. Congrats once again to all our winners!



We’ve also had some great support from content creators during the past few weeks! Couldn’t have done it without them! Here are a couple links to some of the awesome footage captured by these talented people:



And lastly, Skyfront’s Community Manager Sandra decided to share some of the things we learned during our time in EA with the help of VRFocus. You can read her article on the role of VR esports here.


Stay tuned for what the future holds! And be sure to follow us on social and join us on Discord!

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