Skyfront VR November Update

Hey guys,


We’ve been very busy and are very glad to release our first Early Access update.


  • Added recoil to all weapons! For some it’s purely cosmetical, adding to the realness of actually holding a weapon. For Revolver, Shotgun and Sniper Rifle it also works as a nerf. Each shot is followed by a vertical offset, which makes it harder to score several hits in quick succession, that some of the more experienced players were quick to exploit.


  • The shotgun has been buffed. Amount of bullets per shot is up from 10 to 16, damage per bullet reduced from 30 to 20 HP, reload time reduced from 2 secs to 1,5 secs.


  • Added support for Windows Mixed Reality headset! Remapped the controls to the joystick so everything should work same as on Oculus.


  • Lot’s of updates to the Egypt map, including graphical optimizations and replacing missing collision boxes.


  • Team Deathmatch max size is now 5v5, instead of 3v3.


  • Bots now react to Stealth and X-ray special abilities, ie Stealth makes the player invisible to bots and X-ray reveals the location of all bots on the map.



We also fixed several bugs:


  • A bug where a shotgun trails remained in the air when shot close to a shield or a map dome.


  • A bug where revolver became stuck after rapid firing and would only work again after a respawn.


  • A bug with the game stats window which in some cases continued to show results from a previous match.


  • some other minor fixes to the menu and maps.


Our next update will focus on accessibility, making it easier to learn the controls and finding and creating matches. We also have some bigger updates in store. In the meantime, check out the new features and let us know what you think on Discord, Facebook and Steam Community.


We’ll be listening and playing with you!

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