Stats + Killstreak & Multikill


Hold on to your hats because the stats are here!


The new feature allows you to keep track of your kills, k/d ratio, best killstreak (more about these below) and a ton of other knick-knacks; it also includes comparisons to the current average scores, match bests and personal bests.




The My Stats view includes games played, wins, avg position, best kills, best damage, favourite weapon, favourite special ability and much more! At the moment, the stats are only displayed for games played in Single Deathmatch, but you can expect a BIGGER and BETTER update to the stats shortly, including game mode and weapon specific indicators.



Another cool addition arriving in this patch are Killstreaks and Multikills. Since it turns out that these two notions are not at all as clearcut as we thought, let’s get things straight – a killstreak is the number of kills you achieve without dying, or before the end of the match, while a multikill is a number of kills in quick succession. The killstreak notification will be displayed after every fifth kill and the multikill count keeps ticking as long as you manage to kill an opponent within ten seconds of your previous kill.



We improved the grappling hook by adding a crosshair that indicates the exact place of contact. A green crosshair means that the target is in range and a red one that the target is out of range. Once the hook connects, the boost will be amplified by four, which allows you to change direction as the hook retracts and improve your navigation accuracy.


Also, the Game Hub match list now refreshes automatically and shows the active match list in real-time.


And here are the bugs squashed in this patch:

– The revolver now properly fires during the recoil animation;
– Fixed the flipped display bug that occured on the left hand sniper rifle;
– No more problems with Autoheal data not reaching the server.


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