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Week 2 Tournament Winners!

As the Tournament Leaderboard is still ongoing, we like to remind you that you still have a chance to win your Skyfront VR Early Access Key. All you have to do is eliminate your competition >)

Here are the winners for Week 2

Global Play

Since there’s still some time until the launch of Skyfront VR on November 10th, we thought to speed up one of the developments and release it for the Beta.
Previously, we segmented the player pool between 3 regions (US, EU & APAC). Some players weren’t able to find a match in their region and others wanted to play with buddies overseas, so in the latest update we introduced the capability to do just that!

Here’s a quick review of how it works:

When you enter the game, choose “Play” from the “Main Menu”. From there, on your right-hand side, you will now have the option to choose the “Region” from the scroll-down menu. The default region will always be the one that you are based in.
The tab will display current players online (for the region selected), that are either in a match or sitting in the lobby.

Additionally, by further selecting “Game Modes” you can pick a specific match that you want to play in, or alternatively create your own.

Please note, that by selecting other Regions you may encounter some lag due to connection speeds.

We want MOAR!!!1!!111!

Of course there’s still a lot of other things we’ve been tinkering with for Early Access, so to keep you up in the loop, here’s some of them:

  • Player ID bug, where the ID displays on the character will be fixed
  • Oculus Rift controllers will take better use of the joysticks and players will be able to rotate by using them, thus limiting tracking issues
  • Also for Rift controllers, issues with using Double Boost & swapping weapons will be eliminated and provide a more native experience for the joysticks
  • Grappling Hook will only be active for the time that you hold down the button for it, which will allow for more fluid movement. Currently you have to push the button for the second time to release

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