What We’ve Been Up To – Updates, Full Launch, Expos and More


Boy have we been quiet here. If you’ve been keeping up with our social media, you know that we’ve been busy at work getting Skyfront ready for full launch and going to expos to get as many people on the VR bandwagon as we can!



The big news that we forgot to post here in the midst of the expo mayhem was that Skyfront now has THREE ARENAS! Woohoo! In late September we finally launched our Convent arena that draws inspiration from Medieval architecture and has a completely different layout from our two earlier arenas.

Our Egypt inspired Pyramid arena is our largest and has a lot of open spaces that promote team gameplay tactics. It probably feels a bit huge and barren when playing 1v1 or in smaller groups but fills out nicely with eight to ten players in the game.


The Greece inspired Polis arena is Skyfront’s smallest. It is ideal for playing in smaller groups as it forces players closer together, enabling really fast-paced action.


The addition of Convent with its tighter spaces and tons of nooks and crannies should be a treat for everybody that likes to snipe at their opponents and camp out. It’s also perfect for players who have mastered the grapple and want to spiderman around the arena.



Along with the Convent, our most recent patch also brought the new Domination game mode and a lot of other smaller updates and bug fixes.


Read the full patch notes at http://bit.ly/2A3XbqR


We’ve been hinting that these recent additions have brought Skyfront quite a big chunk closer to our full launch (more about that in some of the interviews linked below). While we are working really hard to launch the game in its entirety later this year, we haven’t set a date yet. Our primary goal is to make Skyfront as fun and amazing for you guys as we know it can be. So although we are aiming for a late 2018 launch, the game will ultimately be released in full once we are dead sure you will enjoy your time in Skyfront!



As mentioned above, we’ve also been doing our best to meet as many of you guys as possible at expos like Gamescom, EGX and Oculus Connect 5.


We are so happy to have been part of these amazing events! We got to chat with so many of our players, to put faces to usernames and email addresses and meet countless new and wonderful people in VR and beyond! If we didn’t see you this time around, keep an eye on our social media and we hope to catch you at future events!



Below are a couple of links to chats with some of the fantastic people we’ve had the pleasure of talking to in recent weeks.









And here is a link to the Future of VR panel that we had the honour of taking part in at EGX https://youtu.be/4hA4kkFWQs0

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