Win a FREE Skyfront VR Early Access Key


We have an early update for you this week. If you haven’t noticed yet, today we released an update to the game with an enhanced Leaderboard.

We thought we’d spice it up for you with a competition! Every week, for the next 3 weeks, you can win a FREE Skyfront VR Early Access Key.

Here’s how it all works:

There are 5 qualification cycles. The counter for the next cycle resets immediately as the last one finishes. At the end of each cycle, the TOP 3 players with the most KILLS get a FREE Skyfront VR Early Access Key. So in total, we are giving out 15 Keys!

We are excluding VR Arcades and obviously ourselves from the Leaderboard list, so you have a fair chance to reach the top!

1. round

starts NOW – ends October 15th 11.59 PM (EDT; New York)

October 16th 04.59 AM (UTC+1; London)

October 16th 02.59 PM (AEST; Sydney)


2. round

ends October 22nd 11.59 PM (EDT; New York)

October 23rd 04.59 AM (UTC+1; London)

October 23rd 02.59 PM (AEST; Sydney)

3. round

ends October 29th 11.59 PM (EDT; New York)

October 30th 04.59 AM (UTC+1; London)

October 30th 02.59 PM (AEST; Sydney)


4. round

November 5th 11.59 PM (EDT; New York)

November 6th 04.59 AM (UTC+1; London)

November 6th 02.59 PM (AEST; Sydney)



November 8th 11.59 PM (EDT; New York)

November 9th 04.59 AM (UTC+1; London)

November 9th 02.59 PM (AEST; Sydney)




The Grind

Obviously, there’s more to this week’s release besides the Leaderboard, here’s some of it:

  • Bot Health – We increased the Bots health by 20% from 100hp to 120hp. This was done so they wouldn’t get killed with a single shot from the Revolver (which coincidentally does 100hp damage)
  • Revolver hit sound fixed – Previously you weren’t able to hear the shots, when someone enemies shot at you from the Revolver. Well, now you WILL hear the reaper coming.
  • Automatic Rifle range – We extended the range of the bullet for the Automatic Rifle, doubling the previous distance by 100% from 100m to 200m.
  • Chemtrails fixed – Previously, you were only able to see the chemtrails from your own Speedshifter. Now you can see your opponents’ too!


As always, be sure to check the Skyfront Discord server and Happy Hours to find your victims!

Daily Happy Hour:

EU: 7:00-9:00PM (UTC+1; London)

US: 9:00-11:00PM (EDT; New York)

APAC: 8:00-10:00PM (AEST; Sydney)


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